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Don't be boring

Wurbal is a new way to spontaneously interact with people, places and ideas. An app that connects you directly to the most interesting things around you, and lets you find, fund and create the experiences you’re looking for. Big or small, wild dreams are what we live for.

We have your back

Whether you want to see an art show or set up a knit-a-thon, find someone to teach you French or cook a meal, Wurbal is for you. For those who realize that a night in could be turned into a Goodfather-evening, or that a missed train actually means dinner with a newfound friend.

Take control

Simply put, Wurbal shows you the opportunities around you, and allows you to seize control of how you approach happenings and people. How you meet new friends, learn new skills, and in the long run, look at the world around you. We believe it’s full of opportunities, do you?

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